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Wellness Assessment Platform

Behavioral Agency for Athletic Organizations.

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Profile is the leading assessment provider for athletic teams. We help leaders enhance their communication and self-awareness through a suite of validated behavioral assessments and online tools.


Our assessment technology can be adopted by anyone. The best part? It can be taken in 20-minutes on any computer or mobile device. Simply text it to a recruit, staff member or current student-athlete – Our technology understands you.


Our easy to use cloud-based DISC system introduces pay-as-you-go assessments that display clear results, built for managing your team. Deliver and take our assessments anywhere, at anytime, on any mobile device.


Our team provides innovative ideas and strategies that stem from 20+ years of working within athletic departments. Our insight provides “how to” team behavioral information for immediate application and better results.


Profile uses technology to uncover unseen behavioral information about potential recruits and current team members. We give you the tools and teach you how it works because we know it costs money to hire someone.

Profile Behavior Mobile App

A modern assessment platform designed specifically for athletics.

Unlike other assessment providers, Profile is designed specifically for athletics. Our platform is built to help you understand your athletes and their behaviors, and to help you make better decisions. Profile is a full service behavioral consulting agency with the worlds most advanced behavioral analysis app.


Forging Ahead Into a Data-Driven Future

Published On: Sep 15th 2023

At Profile, we’re always inspired by innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight a milestone in our journey: the "Forging Ahead" campaign launched in partnership with Purdue Athletics and the John Purdue Club.

This initiative, with a fundraising target reminiscent of Purdue’s founding year at $18.69 million, promises not just a near-term launch but a long-term vision. Its aim? To revolutionize the recruiting, retention, and development of championship teams across Purdue's 18 sport programs, all driven by the power of data.